Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are experts in movement and gross motor function. They assess and treat disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems as well as several more specialized diagnoses (see clinic specialty areas). Our goal is to provide quality care, restore normal movement and return each patient to his or her maximum ability.

Occupational Therapy

In the outpatient setting, occupational therapists often work with patients who have upper extremity and hand injuries as well as patients who need assistance with caring for oneself at home, at work and in leisure activities. Our therapists work to increase safety, adapt tasks and increase function to maximize independence and quality of life.

Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Pathologists are experts in the assessment and treatment of disorders of the voice, written and spoken communication and swallowing. Less known is the fact that they are also trained in cognitive therapy and can work with patients who have memory and reasoning deficits to address problem solving, sequencing, safety judgement and many other skills that can increase safety for independent living.

Reasons To Consider Outpatient Therapy:

  • Joint Pain/Arthritis
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Athletic or other orthopedic injuries
  • On-the-Job Injuries
  • TMJ pain & dysfunction
  • Vertigo, dizziness & vestibular problems
  • Recent falls or decreased balance
  • Headaches
  • Hand Injuries
  • Foot pain and/or need for custom foot orthotic
  • Chronic pain
  • Back/Neck Pain
  • Incontinence, pelvic pain or other pelvic floor related dysfunctions
  • Difficulty with your everyday activities, including bathing, dressing, & grooming
  • Difficulty swallowing or coughing when trying to swallow
  • Speech and word finding difficulties
  • Decreased memory
  • Decreased safety at home
  • Stiffness and/or difficulty walking, rising from a chair and moving in general
  • Lymphedema
  • Cancer rehab
  • Pre or Post-Surgical therapy including sports, orthopedic & joint replacement surgeries

In Home Therapy

As a Medicare Certified Rehab Agency, Millennium Therapy is able to provide therapy services in your home, even if you are not homebound. So if you have a need to work on function within your home or have transportation or safety concerns related to coming to the clinic, we may still be able to help!